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Textfeld: Innovation and Start-Up Center for Biotechnology in Freising - Germany. Here is the IKINOWO GmbH located.

Textfeld: Ribonuclease Diseases
IKINOWO´S objective is to develop novel diagnostic systems for human diseases - cell profiling - expression defects - codon usage. 
Of peculiar interest are enzymes - ribonucleases, which are important for the degradation of RNA. Their malfunctions could have some effects on the innate immune system and cause cancer or virus diseases . 
The meaning of  IKI NO WO is  string of life (iki = life) (no=makes genitive) (wo=string).  Iki no wo is a very old japanese expression. It was used in some poems of the Manyosu, that is a ancient compilation of songs of  the 7th century. Today this expression is falling into oblivion. This thread was woven into heavenly garments  in a clean (sterile) mystical hall by Amaterasu, the great sun goddess, and other deities.

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